Foundation for Medical Innovation FMI Early discovery of future creative and promising research/ideas for actualization

Foundation for Medical Innovation

Foundation for Medical Innovation (FMI) is a non-profit corporation that is under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science & ICT (MSIT), and is a designated donation group according to the Enforcement Decree and Enforcement Regulation of the revised Corporate Tax Act.

Purpose of establishment

FMI was established for the purpose of

First, investigate periodically for the promising technology research trend for leading the future medicine in detail to supply the information in a timely manner and to create the opportunity of enhancing the Korean medical research level into a global level.

Second, new concept of research in basic medicine and convergence research utilizing this are discovered and performed to apply the creative ideas on patients.

Fields of application include [1] basic research field based on stem cell biology, [2] high-tech device/pharmaceutical convergence clinical study field based on nano bio-technology, [3] high-tech bio medcine & medical device field leading the future medicine, and [4]Various healthcare field utilizing Big Data and AI. Along with leading these researches, FMI will promote the application of derived high-tech treatment method or new therapeutic medical devices on patients.

Third, promising medical scientists will be supported and help develop the ideas to realize these convergence researches creatively. Fourth, FMI will continue to develop the research ecosystem to enable the innovative research ideas and developed technologies to be spread efficiently.

Ultimately, excellent ideas and technologies will be shared in a timely manner through FMI, and research ecosystem will be developed to effectively spread the newly developed therapeutic technologies to supply high-quality medical services to the general public for the development of healthcare in Korea.

Greetings from the founder

After Professor Kim Hyo Soo entered Seoul National University Pre-Medical department in 1978, he gained 30 years of experience as Life scientist since entering basic research in 1992 and has 40 years of experience as clinical doctor.

Professor Kim is conducting both of his duties as clinical doctor and President of Seoul National University Hospital Biomedical Research Institute. He conducts his basic research at the institute and after earning many different research original results by focusing on three areas of Cardiovascular / Stem Cell / Biology, professor Kim is actualizing the dream of “科學立國 – Making the Science as strong pillar of the Country” by creating positive outcomes on practicality of those researches and the results that are derived from the researches

Professor Kim is a pioneer for implementing Cardiovascular Molecular Biology in Korea by attending Medicine department of UTokyo in Japan for international study. Also He dove into the DNA/Molecular Biology basic research at St. Elizabeth Hospital Cardiovascular Research Center in USA, which was one of the major DNA/Molecular Biology research center 18 years ago. Like none before his time as a clinical doctor, he is a biologist who conducted basic research for 4 years. Professor Kim is strong-willed doctor who actualized “Translational Research”.

By pouring his heart in Cardiovascular / Stem Cell / Biology areas only, he implemented the original result of the basic research he conducted on Stem Cell Biology called, “Magic Cell” which is a new medical treatment of great potential value for Myocardial Infarction. Also, Professor Kim received remarkable results by basing his work on Molecular biology-Molecular DNA Treatment for regeneration of Heart Muscle. Also, excellent results were produced on Metabolic diseases / fatty liver treatment development and Sepsis treatment development.

Research paper wise, Professor Kim’s thesis and paper’s FWCI total number is more than 32,000 and until now, his 120 thesis were published in such medical journals as Lancet, Cell Stem Cell, European Heart J, Circulation, Cell Metabolism, J Am College Cardiology, Blood, Cell Research, EMBO J and others which have more than 10 of Impact Factor. Lastly, H-Index is at 85.

Professor Kim was acknowledged with his research result that in 2008, he was the first person to receive Asan Award in Medicine. He also received the Wunsch Medical Award in 2014 and in 2016, Medal of Keun-Jung, which is the presidential medal for those who accomplished great public work in Korea. Professor Kim received it for the first time as a scientist who created excellent result in medicine field.

For the medicine based on Stem Cell biology / Molecular Biology and actualization of basic technology of life science, he successfully led “Cell Therapy Center” started in 2007 with aiming the development of Stem Cell Medicine for the next decade. He is now leading, “Center of CBT” and director of developing unit in “Development of Biomedicine in Research based Hospital Business”. He is working day and night to activate Bio-Medical Industry by researching basic technology and actualization of it. With his abundant experience, Professor Kim established nonprofit foundation called FMI – Foundation for Medical Innovation – which is under the Ministry of Science and ICT.

Through the Foundation, Professor Kim hopes to establish healthy research environment on cutting edge Bio-Health sector in Korea, supporting researcher-centered business and activation of open innovation that has the motto of, 産學硏病 – Study together, suffer together and create together

He hopes nothing but to contribute in creating the driving power of Korea.

Greetings from the chairman


Foundation for Medical Innovation (FMI) is a non-profit corporation approved by the Ministry of Science & ICT (MSIT) and established in 2016 for the purpose of investing the promising technologies and research trends that will lead the future medicine/life science for timely supply and effective spread of the latest treatment technique. In addition, FMI aims to develop a healthy research ecosystem in the high-tech bio-health field in Korea to enable industrialization through the research-oriented startup support, and to contribute to discovering the future growth engine for Korea.

Especially, FMI established the business model for UTO (Universal Tech Organizer) Business Plan, which is an online open innovation platform that enables early discovery of innovative research ideas and outstanding technologies in the future medicine & life science field for commercialization of technology to be realized quickly and conveniently in a timely manner. FMI will minimize the gap between industries, academia and researchers to promote open innovation through innovative network platform to provide the public service of contributing to creating national wealth as the innovative agency supporting the high-tech bio-health field.

As FMI was established under the long-cherished wish of many researchers for technology commercialization, we will continue the efforts to meeting many researchers through various channels through FMI’s platform that is open anytime and anywhere for the non-profit purpose of public interest, and share their success/failure cases to create a dynamic startup ecosystem centrally for the researchers.

Thank you.


Foundation for Medical Innovation

Organization chart

Mission & Vision

  • Foundation for identifying the leading the promising technological information and industrial trend in the future-oriented high-tech BIO field

  • Foundation that supports future promising ideas and innovative technology to construct healthy startup ecosystem

  • Foundation for leading the spread of base for BIO Korea as the open network platform guiding the Industry-University-Institute collaboration

  • Foundation that provides the future development direction in the high-tech BIO industry to lead the advancement of healthcare service and industries in Korea

FMI for Researchers

  • Any researcher in Korea can participate and join FMI.

  • FMI can be utilized freely through the official website regardless of time and place.

  • Mentors and advisors are provided for the high-tech BIO field to enable commercialization of technology conveniently.

  • Latest R&D trends can be identified more quickly and diversely through online.

  • FMI will continue to provide innovative network platform for non-profit and public service purposes to the researchers in Korea.

BIZ Model : UTO Business Plan


Platform for All Researchers & Entrepreneurs Seeking Commercialization of Technology


Projects of Foundation for Medical Innovation


Early discovery of future creative and promising research/ideas for actualization


Optimum partnership support for research cost, joint research, new market opening, technology transfer and trade, collaboration and support of commercialization and global expansion, etc.


Domestic & foreign expert matching, cooperative organization matching, investor matching, and commercialization & stabilization consultation support


Sharing latest technological trends in the high-tech BIO field and developing future-oriented industrial ecosystem


Sharing success cases in research/technology actualization and commercialization through small group discussions to establish a professional network


Construction of customized open innovation commercialization model reflecting the needs of the researcher/entrepreneur


Business of Foundation for Medical Innovation

International Exchange Business of the Future Medicine & Life Science Field

Developing the Support Business of Future Promising Medical Life Scientist

Research Discovery & Support Business

Additional Business

Researcher Startup Support Business

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