The brief explanation on how to participate into the donation is as follows

1) Provision of the agreement: Attached file 1

– Appreciated to send by filling the agreement via post or fax to our executive secretariat. (Fax: +82-2-766-8904).

The clerk will contact you for the details of the agreement after filing at the executive secretariat.

– Fix the part for the ‘point to be used’ out of the agreement and describe it.

– Please fill the other points.

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Respectful treatment to the donator

1) The entire donated amount is available for tax waiver according to the taxation special cases limitation laws and income tax laws of Republic of Korea.

2) The receipt for the donation will be sent for tax deduction.

– It will be tax deduction effective by applying 15% (25% for the exceeding amount over 30 million Won) of tax deduction rate on the donated amount (Corresponding to the spent amount within the limitation).

3) The donator will be listed on the name list of Foundation for Medical Innovation and the booklets for reporting the project progress of the foundation will be sent.

4) Rapid informing the trends of studies by Foundation for Medical Innovation.

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